KMKa Architects
Principal Architects: Kiwa Matsushita + Miki Korenaga
Founded in 2006
Address: 3-7-2 Mejiro Toshima-ku Tokyo 171-0031 Japan
Telephone:03-5761-9326 (In case we cannot answer the phone, please drop us e-mail, so we will get back to you as soon as possible.)

Design Concept

Kiwa Matsushita
Kiwa was born and grew up in Tokyo.
She studied Art History in the University of
Pennsylvania before going to Graduate School of
Design at Harvard University. She joined the office of
Maki and Associates where she worked on vaious
projects, such as Rolex Building at Toyocho and
Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. She is currently
teaching at Kogakuin University, while practicing
as a resistered architect in Japan.
She is also a mother of one child.

The Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping:
Harvard Design School Project on the City
(Taschen) Rem Koolhaas, et al

Casabella Japan 
Miki Korenaga
Miki was born in Shizuoka and grew up in Tokyo.
She studied architecture at Tokyo Institute
of Technology.After finishing graduate school,
she went to work at the officeof AMO, where she
experienced designing and supervising various
residential buildings. She then went back to
Tokyo Institute of Technology and received PhD.,
reseaching the urbanism in Macau. Currently, she
is teaching at Shibaura Institute of Technology
and Tokyo Women's Art College.
She is a member of JIA.

Urban Housing in Asia

○ロレックス東陽町ビル(槇総合計画事務所/新建築 2003.1、GA Japan 2003 No.60)
○国立国語研究所(槇総合計画事務所/2005.1, GA Japan 2004/2005 No. 72
○リパブリックポリテクニック(槇総合計画事務所/新建築2007.9,The Architectural Review 2006.01/Dialogue 2004.03)など